To some vulnerability might just be a word but the damage and redemption this word can do is not for the faint of heart. There is no limit to where this force won’t go, even if we do our best to try and stop it. Tarot readers, although exposed to it regularly, are not immune to it’s effects. But working with a tool that can transform vulnerability into something priceless is one reason i find exploring this topic crucial for any tarot reader. It is my belief that by getting a better understanding of vulnerability, we will be better prepared to use it for out benefit. Here i will discuss signs that we might be running, why we run and why we shouldn’t run, and how to incorporate tarot in dealing with vulnerability.


  • you don’t budge. you keep your emotions well under control. you try not to go in either direction too much. you might have a few beliefs or rules you stick to and nothing can make you deviate from them. if you are not open to new outlooks, experiences, people then you might be avoiding something that has the potential to make or break you. Some ways this might express it’s self in your tarot practice is by reading on the same topics over and over again, not making an effort to go further, in either a positive or negative direction. Or maybe you’re reading in the same circle of people or organization that promote a certain view of tarot preferring not to interact with anyone that challenges this belief. And as far as being a great reader you might be completely wasting your time on the art: performing readings on yourself and not even being open to their messages but sticking to answers that are familiar and unoriginal.
  • rephrasing.  heavens forbid we do come across something that makes us feel vulnerable we try to rephrase it, rationalize it, or minimize it; we put on our rose-coloured glasses and go to our happy place (denile). In our tarot practice this might manifest by insulting readers that tell us something we don’t like. ‘oh what does she know’, She’s new, she was wrong before so that must mean she’s wrong now, ‘i had a different reader tell me he misses me, I’m going to choose to belive them instead of this one’; it’s endless really. Another way this could manifest is when ‘we didn’t shuffle right.’ we asked if he’s moved on and got 8 of cups, but the shuffle didn’t feel right so maybe we should give it another go. NO. STOP.
  • vulnerability is not just fear of the negative stuff, many feel vulnerable facing positive aspects. they prefer to tell themselves that they can’t do it, that it’s useless-this way they don’t have to do anything. Some feel vulnurable when being told that they have potential to achieve their wildest dreams because just because they have the potential doesn’t mean that it won’t come with no work. So what do they do? they avoid positivity, they stay in, they hang out with negative people, they give up before there has been a chance for results to become apparent. If this is you, in your tarot practice you might avoid asking questions you know will give you a positive answer, wording you questions to get a negative answer, and if overall your readings tend to have pattern of being gloom and doom it might not be the cards it might be your unwillingness to explore solutions.


  • They threaten basic human needs. For example, belonging is such a basic human need. when that need is challenged we don’t know what to do. when we get the idea that we are not funny, smart, or attractive enough for others we put so much effort into hiding it, making up for it, denying it, anything. what we should do is question it. Our cognitive resources are so focused on the fear of not belonging that not enough effort is put in other areas such as questioning why it’s important to belong, what’s the worse that can happen if we don’t belong, what we value as oppose what others impose on us. But few go down that road because another part of human nature is ego and a whole bunch of other dark aspect like pride, greed, gluttony and we fear that if we start asking big questions that they will lead to these aspects of ourself that society would shun us for, which would further reinforce our fear of not belonging.
  • We may also fear punishment. we might feel that vulnerability makes us weak and that if we allow our self to feel it that there will be unpleasant consequences.
  • we want to be happy. the longing is in everybody, vulnerability threatens that. However, further down i will talk about how that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • we we feel safe with certainty and predictability, but facing our vulnerabilities has the potential to take us on a roller coaster ride
  • we have been exposed to many painful things through out our life and we understandably want to avoid that pain, vulnerability has the power to make us go through it all over again


  • It will make us stronger in the end
  • vulnerability keeps us living a lie, facing it makes us live in the truth
  • vulnerability happens when we are defeated, facing it allows us another chance at victory
  • it takes us back to our innocence, a fresh start
  • the more we fight it, the more immune we become to it
  • it provides us with understanding so that in the future we may help others
  • it builds character
  • Vulnuablity makes us fear it, it makes us stay away, but why? Because it is actually afraid of us.


  • Don’t rush. often rushing is running. take your time with every thought and feeling that you come upon and ask a million questions for each
  • be bold, before a reading set tell yourself that you will not back down no matter what, tell yourself that you are ready to get your feeling hurt, that you are ready for scary things to come up.
  • learn from it. No matter how negative the reading is we have the power to change our future. if the reading is telling you that you are being lazy, don’t feel defeated and label yourself as a lazy person, but go further and see how you can fix that. be ready to do the work
  • step outside your comfort zone. use it to question what you have been taught
  • remember there is seldom an end. this journey is never-ending. but it’s about the journey not the destination
  • don’t have expectations, whatever comes up is supposed to come up so don’t doubt it
  • it gets easier, if you hit a stumbling block, that doesn’t mean stop, it means keep trying, keep exploring.

After reading this  article and contemplating the pros and cons i hope that you begin to challenge yourself to feel greater levels of vulnerability in your readings, I can almost guarantee that you will become a more evolved human being.

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